Warhammer Fantasy & 40K Store
Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40000 are miniature tabletop games from Games Workshop that offer fascinating and riveting armies and exciting battles. Wahammer is not only a game where battles are won by understanding your troops’ abilities and solid tactics, and some luck, but having the patience to assemble and paint your army is just as rewarding. Indeed, there is not a more rewarding aspect to this hobby than to seeing your fully painted army clashing against another army.
Games Workshop’s Warhammer will offer something to every one. Warhammer Fantasy contains a wide range of fantasy armies from the proud and majestic High Elves to the damned and cursed Vampire Counts to the inventive and professional army of the Empire of men. Warhammer Fantasy also let gamers wield destructive magic and test steel against armored knights and dragons.
On the other hand, if commanding a legion of humanity’s brave and fearless Space Marines, armed with some of the best armor and deadly storm bolters, through conflicts across the galaxy, than Warhammer 40000 might suit you. This dark and conflict ridden universe is filled with some of the toughest soldiers and fearsome vehicles of destruction from agile and ancient Eldars to the twisted and insane Chaos Space Marines to the grim and dark metallic, undying warriors of the Necrons.
Whether you are constructing an army to crash your opponents or just simply collecting and assembling Warhammer miniatures as a hobbyist to display, you will find something that will appear to the commander, artist, or collector in Warhammer.